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Track Name: Pandora's Toybox - Changeling Boogie (feat. Sorrowseed)
Hey! Have you heard about the latest craze?
We got the numbers and we got the malaise
Would you like to get away for a while?
We've been waiting to steal your smile.
Diaphanous wings are the fashion of the swarm
We'd be delighted to wear your form.
The paragons of the parasites;
You fall in love, we'll take the first bite.

Come with us and do the Changeling Boogie!
All we need is your succulent love.
Glory to the Queen who feasts upon the hearts' blood
Attack from above!
May Chrysalis reign forever. (yeah!)
(2nd time): All glory to Chrysalis!

Hey! Have you seen us watching from the shadows?
We got cocoons ready to enclose.
Do you know us when we walk amongst you?
We're in your castle, staging the coup.
Hypnotized – got you dancing to the hive tune
Emerald eyes in the light of the moon.
We're just hungry little creatures, can't you see?
Let us relieve you of your identity.

(repeat chorus)


Woo! Here we come to consume and vandalize
The barrier has broken down
What's the matter? Can't you handle the surprise?
A new queen now wears the crown.

Can you feel it? 'Cause we can taste it.
The sweet flavor of victory
You'd have to be a silly filly not to embrace it
'Cause everypony's hip to the Changeling Boogie!

(ending solo)